ai_news_writer Documentation Status

The primary purpose of this project is to create a news aggregator that gathers headlines and summaries announcements, news, and trending information about artificial intelligence and other cool technology stuff. After it has collected the articles and announcements, I would like it to generate a summary giving the highlights of that week’s news. Ideally, after it has collected and summarized the information, I would like to generate a script based on the summaries and hopefully do a weekly online show discussing the happenings and other current events.

Additionally, this is an exercise in for me to learn Cookiecutter, Git, ReadTheDocs, and Travis.CI. I have primarily worked with TFS, SVN, and Jenkins for CI. This will be a big learning experience for me. I’m ready to bang my head against my desk and learn everything I can.

I am also taking this opportunity to learn pytest and pytest-bdd to help me take the time a plan out what I want to do.

And finally, I have decided that I will also build a django front-end for this project. This will allow me to maintain the RSS feed collection, gather articles, and generate my output (scripts). I’m really jumping in this whole hog and trying to see what’s going to stick. In any case, this will be fun and a great learning experience.

If you would like to contribute this project, please feel free and have fun!


  • RSS Aggregator - Collecting news and other information on a configured topic
  • Article Summarizing - Analyzes the content of each of the articles and summarizes the articles
  • Content Generation - Generate basic script based on the gathered articles and processed summaries


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.